Philippe Collard


Born in France, Philippe Collard is a graduate from one of France’s Grandes Ecoles. He started his career at the French Atomic Energy Agency, in the Biophysics Department, working on medical image processing. He was then recruited by UCLA to participate in the development of the first clinical Positron Emission Tomograph (PET) imaging system. He then joined the California Space Institute (headed by Sally Ride, the 1st US woman astronaut) to work on the International Space Station real-time systems and on satellite imaging projects for weather modeling.


In 1990, he moved to the business world and held several product line management positions with several high-tech companies in California. Having relocated to Montreal, he became, in 1997, the President and CEO of Virtual Prototypes, which he turned around and got listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange via an IPO in 1999. In the following years, he turned around two other high tech companies (one of them also listed on the stock market).

Since then he has been assisting many high tech companies in structuring their strategy and financing plans. He was the Chairman of the Board of an investment fund between 1999 and 2002 and advised many large financial institutions with respect to innovative funding instruments for start-ups. He has served on the Board of Directors of several companies and has coached and continues to coach numerous entrepreneurs.

He co-founded Yabusame Partners with Jean-Jacques in January 2016 with the vision to build a technology focused, internationally minded, boutique firm composed of very experienced business executives.


Philippe is particularly interested in architecting business and financial strategies. As the former CEO of four enterprises, he understands what it takes to successfully build and grow a company. He has been involved in the technology field for 40 years and there are very few corners of the high-tech market he is not familiar with. That being said, he has specific interests in AI, real-time systems, IoT and space technologies.
Philippe is also a passionate dressage rider and loves to cook.