Eli Goldmann


Eli was born in France and grew up between France and Israel. He graduated as a software engineer from Paris’ EPSI. He started his career at CISI, the information technology subsidiary of the French atomic energy agency. In the 80s, he co-founded Sofigo, one of IBM’s first (and most successful) PC distributors in France. He then moved to Israel and became the General Manager for Daisy’s (a pioneer in the EDA market) Israeli subsidiary. After the acquisition of Daisy by Intergraph, he continued to be active in the computer graphics world, holding several managing positions first with Intergraph, Veribest, iLogix, and others.


In 2000, Eli started another company, EGDS, focused on providing business development services to software, telecom and defense companies in Europe and Israel. Throughout, he has been involved in a lot of chip design activities, and became a preferred partner to the military/aerospace industry in the field of electronics and software design. EGDS is also a long term IBM partner both in France and Israel. He is very knowledgeable and an active member of the Israel technology ecosystems. Eli joined Yabusame Partners in September 2016.


Eli has been at the forefront of technology for more than 35 years. He continuously explores how new technology products can be applied to new markets. And he is dedicated to help young and emerging companies bring their products to strategic customers. Eli loves to travel around the world. He also loves to walk, never missing his daily walk and always looking forward to longer marches.